Bringing modern Web standards to old browsers is always challenging, sometimes nearly impossible, but always beneficial for a graceful migrations approach.

Before his latest talk in Helsinki, Andrea managed to accomplish something unexpected and relatively simple: he manged to make his Custom Element's document.registerElement polyfill compatible with Internet Explorer 8 too, together with the already wide list of old Mobile platforms supported since the very beginning.

As result, when it's needed, and with a little extra effort, it is now possible to create components that won't break the old, even if not so good, Web platform.

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The cure for your Web Components hangover

This is a talk on how to get things done today without shooting yourself in the foot and finding about it tomorrow. Or next month. Or you don’t, but your users do. Learn how to make your code more readable and expressive (without getting too meta), make it easy to run and maintain, and then lean back and have a cuppa while admiring the beauty of the thing you just have built.

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